My Quilts

I am trying to collect digital photos of the quilts I have made.  Most have been given as gifts so this may take awhile.  If you have a quilt I made you, a photo would be more than welcome so I could add it to this page.  The quilts below are in no particular order.

30) BQ
This was one of the first quilts I started.  I put it in a drawer and forgot about it for several years.  So glad I found it, and that it goes so well in my guest room.  Completed in 2012.  For more photos, click here.

29) Monet Inspired
She was Regan Mathias when I made her this quilt in 2007 and now I am proud to say she is Regan Templeton.  I love the soft batiks in this turning twenty quilt with its appliqued dragonflies and flowers.

28) Extra! Extra!
The first quilt I designed myself in 2007 before I knew I was supposed to be scared to do that.  This was made for my son Trevor who worked on his high school newspaper.  I even quilted in a few words here and there.  The bright batik represents photos and the various black and whites is the print.  By the way, it's being held upside down.

27) Santa 
This quilt was made for my father-in-law.  The fabric is a 1930's inspired print one of which has Santa driving a golf cart.  The border fabric is a Christmas snow globe, the binding candy cane stripes that say Merry Christmas, and the backing is covered in red poinsettias.  This was the first quilt I made on point (blocks run diagonal  and was a tad stretching since I worked on the bias, but I love the way it turned out.   Thanks, Reed, for sending the photos.


26) Trip Around the World
I made this quilt in 2007 for my grandmother Jane.  The pattern is similar to the baby quilt and Leo's quilt, but the pattern is more of a ripple and the size of the blocks varies.  The soft colors work so nicely together.

25) French Braid
Picture a church with tall stained glass windows.  That is what this quilt that I made for my sister-in-law Alicia reminds me of.  It again was made with Batiks from Indonesia.  So vibrant.  I may need to make another one of these.  I loved the process, how the pieces went together.

24) T-Square
That is not the official name of the block I used to make this quit, but I liked it.  The block reminded me of a carpenter's T-square and since it was a gift for my father who works a lot with wood it seemed appropriate.  I love the way the batiks weave in and out to make the interlocking pattern.  The backing fabric is also a batik that looks much like wood grain.

23) Asian Lattice
I made this quilt very early on in my learning process.  I fell in love with the Asian fabrics, the way they shine and depict calm settings.  I needed a pattern that would show off the large scale of the geisha and pagodas.  This lattice pattern with strip pieced sashing was perfect.  This was made for my mother who leans towards Asian accents in her house as did her mother.

22) Crackers 2011
This quilt is special to me.  At a time I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy quilting anymore my friend and coworker Andrea Siebert gave me enough fabric (she was purging her stash, can you believe it?) to make a really cute quilt.  The blocks were simple which was nice to get me in the mood.  The borders were a challenge to my creativity which I was ready for after the blocks.  The quilting reintroduced me to free motion and tested me on my knowledge of my Janome sewing machine.  I love this quilt because it re-inspired me in all areas of quilting.



21) Jane's Turning Twenty
I love holiday quilts.  It's one of those opportunities to make a quilt where the fabrics don't all match, they don't share the same dye lots, and they are not all made by the same designer.  This Turning Twenty quilt I made for my sister-in-law Jane in 2006 was made with 20 (thus the name) different Christmas fabrics.  I love the reindeer especially.  Rudy  happens to love the mittens on the back.  He sneaked in while I was staging.

20) Triple Irish Chain
I was working at a quilt store unpacking UPS boxes of fabric to put into inventory when I came across these batiks made in Indonesia.  I could not take my eyes off the color and pattern and knew I had to make something with them.  After looking at several different patterns I decided on the Triple Irish Chain and think it shows the fabrics off nicely.  I made this quilt for my brother Mike for Christmas 2007 I believe.

19) Leo's Quilt
I love this dog.  Another situation where I fell in love with the fabrics:  puppies, bones, and paw prints. Remember you can click on a photo to enlarge Leo (or any other photo).  A special thanks to Jane and Mike for sending this over.  I truly had forgotten about this quilt.


18) Halloween Jars
I just knew I had to give this to my nephew RJ.  The jars are made with Halloween fabrics of pumpkins, bats, candy corn, witches clothes, ghost, monsters and the like.  I love this quilt.

17) Poseys
This is my neice Lily's quilt.  It is fun and playful and feminine and wonderful.  Some of the fabrics are paper dolls, so like a little girl.  If you look closely you can see I quilted it with looping hearts.  Looking at this makes  my fear of quilting other quilts go away.  It was also Rudy's favorite quilt; front and back.

16) Hearts and Geese
To this day this is my favorite line of fabric.  It is called Roman Holiday and I wish I had bought more of it.  This quilt was made with friends who were trying to get me out of the house and having fun while my husband was very sick.  We had a great time, each making our own Hearts and Geese quilt.  It was given to Emily and Jody Wells, my sister and brother-in-law.  Makes me smile to look at these pictures.

15) Wallpaper Quilt (My 1st quilt)
This is sentimental to me because it was the 1st quilt I ever made, 2006.  The pattern is very simple because quite frankly I didn't know what I was doing.  The fabric was Poetry by Moda and perfect for my Mother-In-Laws house.

14) Log Cabin
I made this quilt for my Step Father-In-Law for Christmas in 2008(?).  It was my first and last log cabin, but I already have a plan to make another one, but only a pillow for the guest room.  Love the pattern and the masculine colors.

13) Split Rail
RJ's father Jody is a huge baseball fan so I just knew RJ would be as well.  I was right.  This was a quilt I made for RJ when he was born.  Very simple, but the fabric is all about baseball.  The larger blocks really show this off.  I even quilted his name into the background.

9-12) Bible Study Place mats
These were made with blocks that focused on bible study.  The chapters are marked on the sides.

8) Summer Breeze
I used about 90 different fabrics to make this and could not be happier.  The top was completed in 2009 and quilted for me by my friend Susie in 2011.  It was the inspiration for my west guest room.


7) That's What Little Boys Are Made Of
I especially enjoyed collecting the fabrics to make this quilt.  Though jar quilts have been around a long time I wrote the pattern for this one.  I am now collecting little girl fabrics for another jar quilt.  Can you see the real critter that was not shy of my camera?

6) Halloween
I love Halloween quilts.  They can be bright and garish (in a good way) or muted and earthy.  I have made both, but prefer earth tones.  The simplicity of this pattern shows off my scrapy collection of fabrics.  I pieced the border crooked to give it a spooky look.


5) Maple Leaf
This quilt has a special place in my heart.  It was the first time I used batik fabric, the first time I quilted with a friend (it was fun, Jan), the first time I paid to have something I made professionally quilted, and I made it as an anniversary present for my husband November 2007.  The colors are unexpected.  Yes, I used pink and purple in the leaves. Yes, it works.  The backing fabric was my inspiration and remains one of the most amazing batik fabrics I have ever seen.


4) Christmas Ornaments
This was my first paper pieced quilt in 2007.  That is a method of quilting where you iron fabric onto butcher paper to sew.  The result is a crisply pieced quilt where corners meet near perfectly.  The pattern is called Storm at Sea, but the colors are laid out to form overlapping ornaments.



3) Christmas Wreaths
I made this quilt while on my own personal retreat in Wimberly, TX in 2007.  I got a cabin at a wonderful B & B called Blair House Inn and sewed like crazy.  As you probably have surmised by now I love scrap quilting and this is no exception.  I collected a lot of different greens and reds in small amounts to put this together.  Siriporn quilted this for me also and the red thread really shows off her work.


2) Around the World
This is a baby quilt made from fabric I loved but did not want to commit to a whole quilt.  I did the quilting myself using a long-arm sewing machine with a pattern called "Butterfly Kisses."  Can you see the butterfly in the second photo?


1) Ribbons of Energy
This block is made by piecing 9 fabrics together and trimming them to be crooked.  I love the look of the woven strips of color.  The quilting is a tight meander that I did on my Janome sewing machine in 2007.