Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Number 66: Bonham State Park

I am so far behind in my state park posts.  This park, Bonham State Park, goes back to October 23rd. Of last year!  Why so delayed?  Breck and I have done a lot of travel lately.  I myself have been from one end of Texas to the other visiting many small parks looking for birds to photograph.  

In fact our trip to Bonham in North Texas came on the tail of a business trip to Dallas.  It was a very cloudy day, not great for pictures, but it helped to keep the temperatures down for hiking.

It was also extremely windy making the lake choppy and whipping the flags pretty consistently.

There were a lot of trails that wove through the woods.

Some through rocky terrain with low growing trees and others through tall deciduous forest.

There were several CCC structures throughout the park: picnic tables, small foot bridges, and benches built from local stone.

We didn't see a lot of wildlife, but what we did see was interesting.  I almost walked right into this guy's web that spread across the trail.

There were areas of tall grass along the trail bordering the woods.  These were the only spots we saw any birds.

And even though we saw birds here, they were very quick and not easy to get pictures of.  In fact, all I have to show for birds is this lone Carolina Chickadee.

There were plenty of places for a picnic along the lake, though there were not many folks out on this windy cloudy day.  I imagine in the summer it is a different story.

This guy was hanging out at the area but needed to fend for himself with no one to toss him scraps from their lunch.

Our last trail of the day wound through tall pines and was the last place we spotted any wildlife.

An armadillo.  He was scavenging in the dry leaves for grubs or beetles or whatever it is they eat.

Nice park for the area.  As I said before, I bet it's quite busy in the summer with swimmers and fisherman.  Probably not one I would return to, but only because it is a long way from where we call home.