Thursday, October 27, 2016

Waiting on the Weather

Somewhere it is fall, but not here in Houston.  Sure, some of the leaves have begun to fall from the trees and many birds are making their way through the area to winter in the south, but it's still in the upper 80's.  It's a little difficult to get into the spirit of Halloween (like the pun?) when the weatherman is factoring in a heat index of 100 instead of a wind chill of 62.

I guess I won't rotate my summer shirts up to the top of the closet yet, but I admit to looking up longingly at my plaid and long sleeved t-shirts.  Of course that means I'll look a little strange walking into the grocery store in a coral pink short sleeved shirt with white palm fronds printed on it and a pair of khaki shorts, but there really isn't a choice here.  Comfort before fashion.

Fall does get me in the mood for housekeeping.  Today I cleaned off the porch that was too hot to enjoy for the summer so it will be ready to sit out and sip wine on when the weather does turn.  I've also taken some more steps to finish the kitchen remodel that we started oh so long ago.  Today was also about cleaning out some files on my computer.  Specifically the massive photo files that have become more than I can manage.

I have a lot of pictures from the month that just don't seem to go anywhere, but here I can create a theme and do something with them.  So, folks, the theme of the day is bugs.  But I assume you must have already figured that out.

I know you don't want to find some of these guys in your house (or your car if you are my daughter-in-law), but in their place in the wild they have beauty.  And not just the colorful butterflies, but the spiders and beetles as well.

And speaking of spiders, how about a Black Widow in honor of the season that is slow in coming and the holiday that is on the calendar regardless of the temperature.

Porch clean.  Check.  Bug file.  Check.  Fall clothes.  Deferred until another day week.  All in all still a productive day.