Monday, October 3, 2016

On Top of the World in Kentucky

I have been so distracted with the hawk migration going on right now that I find myself behind in my posts.  There are still a couple things I want to share with you about our Kentucky trip back in September.  Kentucky has 49 state parks of which we only visited 1,  but it was a stunner.

On a day when most of the family headed out for a little ball golf, my D-I-L Regan and I headed up to the top of Pine Mountain to do a little hiking.

All but two of the the hikes here are rated Strenuous or Moderate.  The elevation changes are the reason.

The scenery along the trail was beautiful.

The trees seemed to grow right out the rocks.

There were a few places I was not sure my grandoggie TRex would be able to climb with his little legs but he was a real trooper and surprised me.

The first trail we hiked was to Chained Rock which boasted a view of the town below and the mountains beyond.

There is an actual chain.  It was put there 1933 to hold the rock to the mountain and keep it from falling on the town of Pineville below.

I have an issue with steep areas.  They send me into a panic, actually.  So I opted to let Regan do the last of the climb . . .

. . .  and I stayed behind with TRex.

He was very concerned about Regan, watching the trail eager for her to return.  Even though I couldn't see her around this bolder, I knew when she was on her way back because his tail began wagging a mile a minute.

Even though I didn't do the last big rock, I don't think I sacrificed a bit of the experience.  That view.