Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's a Good Day When . . .

A few of my favorites from my walk in Edith L. Moore Park in Houston this week.  Lovely park.

Leaves floating on the water creating interesting shadows.  If you didn't read this you
might think they were falling leaves in the fog.
The light was perfect.

Love, love, love the boardwalk trails.
The mosquitos few and far between.

Low light made for a less than focused shot, but I can't resist a bee shot.
And the birds were semi cooperative.

American Robin in a sunbeam
Getting out to a park is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

Just because I liked the texture of the wood and the mold growing in the grain.
There is always something to see.

American Beautyberry will always remind me of our home in the country where it grew wild.
On this day I watched the Carolina Chickadees snatching the extra ripe ones and eating them.
Always something to make me smile.

Leaves captured and suspended in a spiderweb.  These remind me of wind chimes.

And always, always something I just want to get a picture of for no particular reason at all.

This is fall in south Texas for the most part.  Brown and dry.
Everyday is a good day in the park.