Sunday, September 25, 2016

September, So Different From August

I dodged the downpours, some unsuccessfully, and popped down to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge last week for a late afternoon visit.

Turkey Vulture

It was a much different scene from the last time I was there.

Lots of wide open spaces and very few birds.

Compare to the photos I shot just a month ago when these same ponds and marshes where filled with Wood Storks, White Ibis, Herons and Egrets, in numbers difficult to define.

That doesn't mean the park was completely devoid of life.  But you must look closely.

Tricolored Heron

This Osprey was easy to spot on the top of an old water tank, but the fish he is about to devour may need a keener eye.  And speaking off eyes, his are amazing.  Love the color and intensity.


He was not the only predator I saw that day.  There were two White-tailed Kites enjoying the rain cooled air and fading light.

White-tailed Kite

Unexpected?  Absolutely.  There must be a fence down somewhere.  I took this through my windshield quickly before he wandered back into the brush.

While keeping my eye on the brush for another glimpse of the bull I spotted these two White-tailed Deer blending with their surroundings.

White-tailed Deer

With fall migration underway there are many birds beginning to make the move including these White-faced Ibis who were part of a much larger flock that came in to settle for the night.

White-faced Ibis

Speaking of fall, the colors are beginning to change around here.  Some of the leaves have begun to turn yellow and red, but these were part of a planned burn that took place since my last visit.

Loggerhead Shrike

The storms made for some beautiful clouds, perfect for me to practice with my new wide angle lens.

Leaving the park with sunset approaching I see another downpour ahead.  I was hoping it would make for a beautiful sunset.

It did, but not until the sun was very low in the sky peeking below the clouds.

Loving my wide angle lens.