Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kentucky Quilt Barns

Quilt barns are a thing in Kentucky.

Driving the backroads they can be spotted if you have a keen eye.

As a quilter this was very cool.

Actually, it made me want to buy property again just so I could have an old barn to hang a quilt block from.

One evening on our trip, all 6 of us piled in the rented van and took off searching for these beautiful barns.

We saw more than I got photos of which just means I need to go back.  Oh, and I will.

The leaves were just beginning to change and I can only image how stunning the landscape will be in just a few short weeks.

We spotted this barn in a rain shower so it is not a clear picture of this Sunbonnet Sue block, but the raindrops give it an interesting texture.  How perfect too to have a field of drying corn in the background.

 This was one of my favorites, if a favorite can be chosen.

Unfortunately, every shot I took didn't turn out the way I would have liked.  Sometimes it's difficult to get good focus while standing on the side of a curvy two lane country road with cars whizzing by and dogs barking at you.

Case in point.  This picture pains me a little.  I would love to have a chance to shoot this again.  It was a great block, but it also had tobacco hanging to dry inside.  Beautiful.

Kentucky.  So worth the 15 hour drive.  And the 15 hours back home.