Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Junior! Where are you?

I saw a lot of shorebirds this weekend.  Shot 4 new lifers for my list (I'm up to 214!), and got many photos that were better than ones I had before to update my flickr album (click here to see).

I was especially distracted by a Royal Tern flying with a large fish.

He flew in circles around me and over a small lagoon looking for his young one to feed.  

He would swoop down in one area, then continue on making another round before passing be another spot.

I confess that looking through the lens, turning in circles myself to follow his flight made me a tad dizzy.

Unfortunately, after watching the acrobatics for over a minute, I lost him in the crowd as he must have finally found junior.

I went from someone who enjoys taking pictures, to someone who enjoys taking bird pictures, to someone who enjoys researching the birds I photograph to identify them, to someone who is now thoroughly enjoying observing animal behavior.  I guess it is a logical progression.

And Royal Terns are just plain fun.  (There are a few Sandwich Terns in here too if you can spot them.)