Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not What I Was Expecting

I took a drive through Horsby Bend Biosolid Management Plant in Austin this past Thursday.  On a narrow strip of road I stopped to take pictures of a Ruddy Duck and Solitary Sandpiper that were down in the pond to my left.  When I looked up through my windshield I noticed this sweet girl walking away from me.

As I snapped photos through my windshield, I debated opening my door hoping to get some better shots without the bug covered piece of glass in the way.  Then she sensed my presences, turned, and looked right at me.

Then she looked away toward the pond on my right.

And these guys showed up.

The three kits appeared soaking wet and dead set on following mom.

They never looked back and disappeared into the tall grass along the water's edge.

Not the only wildlife I saw this day.  I spooked two deer when I stopped to get this photo of a beautiful Broad-winged Hawk.  He was new for me and added to my Life List.

I also got a few pictures of another bird I needed for my Life List.  These are Spotted Sandpipers.  Can you guess why they are named that?

It was a wonderful weekend all ways around for wildlife viewing.  I got a lot of new birds (posted on my flickr, click here to see the new additions to the Life List of Texas Birds), some new butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies.  And also this poor guy who wilted in the 100+ temperatures.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Lots of Reasons it was a Good Week

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was a little different.

A last shower in our tiny old cast iron tub with it's leaky faucets and very low shower head.

Demo Day.   Bye-bye tub.

While the guys had that going I made great progress on my new quilt.

It Was a Wicked Wednesday.  Took in the musical at the Houston Hobby Center with friends.

Spoiled ourselves a little and got a hotel room for the night so we could have a tub and shower.  Meanwhile the new tub got dropped in.  Look how deep!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  I celebrated.

Cement board and plumbing - check.

Stuck at home for one more day but did a little birding on my computer.  Yep.  Went through some old pictures and found 2 birds for my Life List that I didn't know I had.  

Long day for the guys and I got a little stir crazy, but the tub got done!  The hot showers and warm soaks can begin!

Glass guy comes Monday to measure for the barrier, but I have the old shower curtain to use until then.

Now it's time to settle in to enjoy a weekend at home.  Breck has traveled the last two weekends so it will be nice to have him home.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Junior! Where are you?

I saw a lot of shorebirds this weekend.  Shot 4 new lifers for my list (I'm up to 214!), and got many photos that were better than ones I had before to update my flickr album (click here to see).

I was especially distracted by a Royal Tern flying with a large fish.

He flew in circles around me and over a small lagoon looking for his young one to feed.  

He would swoop down in one area, then continue on making another round before passing be another spot.

I confess that looking through the lens, turning in circles myself to follow his flight made me a tad dizzy.

Unfortunately, after watching the acrobatics for over a minute, I lost him in the crowd as he must have finally found junior.

I went from someone who enjoys taking pictures, to someone who enjoys taking bird pictures, to someone who enjoys researching the birds I photograph to identify them, to someone who is now thoroughly enjoying observing animal behavior.  I guess it is a logical progression.

And Royal Terns are just plain fun.  (There are a few Sandwich Terns in here too if you can spot them.)