Friday, July 8, 2016

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Bermuda

Bermuda, though only 21 square miles in size, has numerous parks, gardens, beaches, and 9 Nature Reserves.

Blue Dawn vines grow everywhere!  
So much beauty in a small package.  Amazing to think that I was there for a week and only explored 5 of the natural spaces on the list though we drove by several others.

Shooting everything with a lens meant for distance makes burry close-ups.

Two of my favorite spots in Bermuda were on the list.  One being Cooper's Island which I shared with you already.

Lava rock exposes itself everywhere.
I was surprised by the cactus growing on the cliffs.
The other was Spittal Pond.

It's a great little hike through the trees . . . 

. . . down around the pond . . . 

Great Blue Heron hunting at the pond's edge
Mallards out for a swim.

Jamaican Anole
Jamaican Anole
Warwick Lizard
. . . and up to the rocky coast.

I guess they are called Rock Pigeons for a reason.
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron looking out at the sea.

Filled with beautiful flowers, colorful lizards and dragonflies, and of course birds.

The feral chickens are beautiful, but a real problem on the island.
A beautiful Mourning Dove sporting her blue shadow.
Juvenile male Cardinal still watched over by dad, but getting his red plumage.
The Great Kiskadee should be the national bird.  They are everywhere.
This Great Egret, like many birds we saw, are also prevalent in the US.
And the views of crashing waves on a windy day were stunning.   

There are just not enough adjectives.

Pink Oleander