Thursday, July 28, 2016

Number 63: Cedar Hill

I tagged along with my husband on a recent business trip to Dallas.  This post fell off the radar a bit because it came at the same time I took a day at White Rock Lake to photograph birds.  In fact, I didn't realize that I hadn't written this post until just this morning.  With that all said, let me tell you about our visit to Cedar Hill State Park.

First of all it was the worst time of day to hike on a very hot July day.

Since it was so hot and we were short on time we chose a relatively short trail that went up a hill overlooking Joe Poole Lake.  There are trails as short as .54 miles and as long as 12.

Right off the bat we spotted 3 very small butterflies flitting around.  After doing my research at home I found they were Realkirt's Blue butterflies.  A new one for my growing list.

 After a few quick shots and a little water we headed up the trail.

Along the way we saw these footprint stones.  There were only 3, but some of the trail was closed due to recent flooding and I believe there may have been more.

Surprisingly, many wildflowers were still in bloom

And though we heard birds calling in the trees, this feather was as close as we came to seeing one.  A single one.  Not a one.  But like I said it was mid day and very hot.

We did however see some other critters.

Halfway through I realized how poor my footwear was compared to Breck's

That's why he could make the climb down into the valley and I stayed at the top.

When we made it back to the car we took a quick drive through the rest of the park.  There were a lot of people enjoying the long 4th of July weekend camping, picnicking, and boating.

Some of the flood damage was still visible at the picnic areas.  The ground was scoured of grass and weeds and the structures had seen better day.

Still a lovely park especially if you enjoy a nice day on the lake.