Thursday, July 14, 2016

Monogamy Is For The Birds

Ever since I got my 400mm lens I use nothing else when going out to snap pictures of birds.

Clapper Rail
Oh, sometimes I may tease myself into thinking that I might use another lens and carry my backpack with my 135mm, but I never pull it out.

Wood Duck
Wood Duck
For birding I have become so true and loyal to my 400mm that yesterday for the first time I didn't even bring my backpack.

Northern Red Bishop
I have been getting a lot of new birds over the past few months.  Some are new to my Life List and some are replacing photos I already had.

Old photo early 2016
New photo of Brown-headed Cowbird
Old photo from 2013
New photo of a Wood Stork
Being so loyal to one lens on my bird outings does mean that other forms of photography suffer.  I miss my macro lens when I see fields of flowers, my wide angle lens when I see fields of flowers, and my 135mm when I see fields of flowers with butterflies, dragonflies, and bees.  

Wilson's Plover
But that's okay.  I haven't abandoned those lenses altogether.  I just need to remember that every trip out the door does not need to be only about the birds.

Yellow Warbler
In the meantime, my Texas Life List is up to 206 with photos.  As I have said before, I only count birds if I get a photo and I only count birds I photograph in Texas.  The most recent additions are at the front of the album so you don't need to page through all the photos to see the new stuff.  You can check out my album by clicking on the tab at the top or Click Here.