Saturday, June 25, 2016

Out and About on the Island

On our first trip to Bermuda we stayed on a cruise ship.  This time our options were greater and after weighing them all, from B&Bs to luxury hotels, we chose to rent a pair of apartments.  It was the perfect choice for us.  The apartments were part of a private residence in a nice neighborhood overlooking Harrington Sound and our host was wonderful.

Our backyard for the week with a view of Trunk Island
We had access to the home pool (which we never used because . . . well . . . did you see my pictures of the beaches?) and kayaks which we used to paddle around the Sound's islands.

Rabbit Island in the Sound
On one trip around Trunk Island we spotted Great Blue Herons, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Great Egrets, a Green Heron, Ruddy Turnstone, Mallards, Crows, Great Kiskadees, European Starlings, Catbirds, White-tailed Tropicbirds nesting, Mourning Doves, and Rock Pigeons.  Not bad for an island that is only 7 acres large.

White-tailed Tropicbirds (or Bermuda Longtails) in flight at sunrise
 Trunk Island even had a small beach just a quarter of a mile from our dock (thank you Google Earth ruler).  I was pleased that my camera was able to zoom in on the beach from that distance.

Trunk Island is private, but the beach allows public access as long as you don't leave the beach to explore.
We had beautiful views of the cute homes on the volcanic hillsides in Flatt's Village.  Unfortunately, they were just over a mile away and my camera just didn't have the power.  The photos are a little blurry, but you get the idea.

The colors are so inspiring.  When I was packing my bags I took my travel watercolor painting set out to make room for Breck's binoculars.  I was glad we had the binoculars, but I would have loved to have painted the view we had coffee to every morning.

There are buses that service the islands that are so easy to access  However, who could resist renting a scooter for the week?  Not us.  All the roads are two lanes wide with no highways so traveling on the back was not a problem for me.  Yes, I let Breck drive.   By the way, if you are not a resident you cannot drive a car.  But who cares when the scooters are so fun.

Our steed for the week.
Aside from the scooters and buses we also took the ferry on occasion (nice we could bring our scooters with us) between the city of Hamilton and the Dockyard.

Hamilton Ferry dock
Hamilton Harbour
Even in the city the buildings are painted in soft Caribbean colors.

Gosling Brothers building.  Perfect rum for Rum Swizzles.
Downtown Hamilton
At the Dockyard we entertained ourselves with an event we had been looking forward to for 2 years.  We played putt-putt.

Not only is putt-putt a Zalewski/Templeton vacation tradition, but this is by far the best course we have ever played (even better that the Disney one we played 20 years ago).  It is set up like a regular golf course without the windmills and bumpers.  So fun.  We played more than once (and some of us more than twice).

There are 14 or so old forts on the island.  You can't miss seeing them as you drive the coast.  Most you can just walk right into, read the historical signs, and enjoy the view.

Other than one amazing brunch at Four Ways, we took our breakfasts by the pool, lunches at local restaurants and dinners were split.  It was nice having a kitchen to give us the option to eat in.

We took in a dinner theater where we were regaled with stories by a Mark Twain impersonator, the guys played golf at one of the most beautiful courses I have ever seen, we explored a jungle and caves, snorkeled, hiked a nature preserve, and experienced grocery shopping.  That was an experience of it's own.  Watermelon was over $18!  We bought bananas instead.  Much cheaper since they are grown on the island not imported.

And the flowers.  Stunning.

More on the wildlife and more of the wildflowers another day.  Are you getting the idea we had a great time?