Sunday, June 26, 2016


Today I'm just going to post a few of my favorite photos from yesterday's scouting trip to Galveston.

We will rent a beach house in the fall to host a family visit and drove to the island to see a few houses that were in consideration.

Southern Leopard Frog
One the way we had a picnic lunch in Quintana, TX while watching the dolphins swim by, stopped at the San Bernard Wildlife Refuge, and took a short drive on Sportsman Rd. in Galveston.

Huge Crawfish
As I said it was a scouting trip so we also drove by a dozen houses to check out location and make sure the photos matched the real thing.

Turk's Cap
Some didn't make the cut, but it helped us narrow our options.

Juvenile Barn Swallows just getting their coloring.
Now I think we are set and ready to book.  In the meantime, just a few more picture.

Clapper Rail - A first for me and going on my Lifer List
Two spiders sharing one web.
And I haven't forgotten I still have one more view of Bermuda to show you.