Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bermuda, Baby!

2 years ago Breck and I took a cruise to Bermuda with some friends and spent 3 wonderful days on the chain of islands.

Turtle Bay

We had an amazing time and knew we had to go back someday to experience more than we could on a short trip.

Fort Hill
Our someday was last week when we returned with the same friends but stayed for longer this time.

Nonesuch Island
We rented a couple apartments in Hamilton Parish and spent 8 days and nights soaking up the country and it's generous locals.

And yes, folks.  The water really is that blue.  No lie.  And though most of the coastline is made up of sharp lava rock, there are many soft sand beaches to enjoy.

Long Bay
And if you take the time to make friends with the locals they will tell you where the best ones not found on travel websites are.  If you don't have the place to yourself I will be surprised.

Breck with the whole beach to himself.
All these pictures were taken at Cooper's Island on our last sunny day.

Looking down from the cliffs.

On our next trip back Cooper's Island will be one of my first stops to swim and snorkle.

Make no mistake.  There will be another trip.  Maybe even with our friends again.  A new biennial tradition.

And thanks to our friends, I have a new favorite photo of Breck and me.  One in which you clearly cannot not wipe the smile from my face.

This was just one of many great experiences we had on our trip.  More on some of our others soon.