Monday, May 23, 2016

It's a Pelican Eat Fish World

Breck and I have enjoyed our yardwork/housework free weekends since selling our home in the country.  Seems like we are always off doing something and taking advantage of the free time.  On Saturday we packed up the disc golf bag, bug spray, and my camera for a trip to the Texas City Dike. The dike is 48 feet wide and and 5.3 miles long, stretching out into the bay.  While Breck got in a round of disc golf I headed out in search of an American Oystercatcher; a new bird for my life list.  But early on I got distracted by the Brown Pelicans.

One especially began to draw not only my attention but that of another.  See that big lump in his bill?

Then another.  Things were gonna get ugly.

Then I saw why.  Look closely and you will see a large bass.

Eventually one gave up realizing there are plenty of other fish in the sea, but one stubborn guy wasn't ready to quit.

In the end there was a winner.

And the look on the looser's face was priceless after having his catch stolen.

After all that drama I did end up seeing the American Oystercatcher I was looking for.

With a bill like that how could I miss, right?  Saw a few others too.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron eating Blue Crab
Sanderling eating a shrimp
Red-breasted Merganser
Up close his bill is a little intimidating I must admit.  Like a saw blade.

Horned Lark
Great Blue Heron
Ruddy Turnstone
Now that I am paying more attention I can see how colorful shorebirds are.  And entertaining like this young Snowy Egret taking a brave pill and leap of faith.

Fun watching him and his siblings roaming the rocks.  Lovely eyes, too.

So you can see I have added a lot of new birds to my Lifer List.  I am up to 198 photographed.  Some species I have updated because I have been able to get better pictures.  Check out the pictures and list by clicking here or going to the tab at the top of the page called My Lifer List of Texas Birds.  The Mourning Dove is one of my favorite new pictures, by the way, as is the Tricolored Heron.