Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One Thing Leads to Another

Everything had been cooking along just fine.  The pet door really made a difference for Rudy and Kracken.  They could come and go at their whim and enjoy the patio.  And they did.

Then out of the blue, after 9 months of thinking things were good, I found Kracken on the top of the patio fence.  Breck and I rushed off to Home Depot and bought a roll of screening to cover the opening so this would not happen again.

Is this the end of the story?  Nope.  Last night Breck and I headed out to Amy's for an after dinner ice cream treat and locked ourselves out of the condo.  Normally we would have climbed the fence to retrieve the back-up key stashed in the closet with no problem (and we have), but now with a screen it was not so easy.  I had to bang on the screen to loosen the nails to make a hole large enough to climb through to get the key.  Not fun.  So today I made another trip to Home Depot.

Now with a programable lock we won't be locked out again.  I hope.  I just need to make sure the batteries are charged.

It was really easy to switch out the old 1980's brass for new brushed chrome.   And it looks so much better.

But now I have shown you our very dirty door.  I'll be cleaning that tomorrow.  One thing always leads to another.