Sunday, April 3, 2016

My First Bald Eagle

I have a bucket list of animals that I would love the opportunity to photograph in the wild.  Fox, river otter, porcupine, and bats are on that list.  So are various birds like the Road Runner I was lucky enough to get a picture of at Hueco Tanks State Park last year.

Today I got goose bumps taking pictures (180 of them) of another bird that was on my list.  The American Bald Eagle.  At first I only spotted the nest.

But after I got past the shock and excitement of finding the nest I noticed mama eagle on the branch close by.

 She had a watchful eye and was constantly scanning the surroundings.

Then I spotted dad in another tree.  So amazing.  What an experience.

But it got even better as Breck and I went into a parking garage near by that gave us a great view of the nest.  At first my camera struggled to focus through the trees.

With some patients and lots of tries I did finally get a shot (allbeit a bit blurry) of the chick in the nest looking around presumably for mom and dad.

This experience was amazing and made me even more excited about the arrival of my new camera lens in a couple days that should help me get much better wildlife photos.  Can't wait to get it and test it out.