Sunday, April 24, 2016

High and Dryish

I know I have been posting a lot of birds lately.  It's not that that is all I'm doing, but I am enjoying it. Yesterday I went to W.G. Jones State Forest and yes saw and photographed more birds, but mostly just enjoyed the hike.   It was wet, and in some places muddy, but easily done. 

I wasn't sure it was going to be hike-able when I headed out since so many places around Houston are still underwater.  I attempted Riverpark Park a couple days ago in Sugar Land. and it was 100% under water.  It's a confusing photo, but that is the trail sign on the bottom left and the trail is covered in brown Brazos River mud.  The canopy of trees is reflected off the water.  Completely impassable.

It's a park I can't wait to go back to when it is dry.  But yesterday was about the piney woods.  I don't think I have ever seen so many pinecones before.

Cool temperatures, low humidity, and plenty of peace.  No quiet, though.  The birds were chirping up a storm.  I would have loved to have spotted more, but they were asking people to stay off the trails in much of the park where I was while an endangered species of woodpecker nests.

And I was fortunate enough to spot one of them AND get a picture.  Though it escapes me why "Red" is in their name.

Red-cockaded Woodpecker
It's a new bird to add to my Life List.  I have photographic proof that I have seen 168 of the 648 species of birds that can be seen in Texas.  I have seen more, many in my old backyard, but I only count them if I have a picture.  I am hopelessly a list person.

There was one other Lifer for me in this park.  When I first saw it I was afraid it was just another Northern Cardinal.  I was so happy when I got the shot on my computer to find it was something a little more exotic moving north after wintering in South America and southern North America.  He is a Summer Tanager.  You can see why from a distance I thought it was a Cardinal.

Summer Tanager
So, only two bird pictures.  Not an over share for those tired of the feathers.  I have taken the zoom lens off my camera and will take more pictures of my condo garden to give you updates and my condo which I haven't shown in awhile.  But one last nature shot.  Because.

Black Swallowtail on Lantana