Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Loop to Loop

I love my grandoggies.  Of course they have grown a little since this was taken.  Well, Pockets has.

Pockets and TRex
They love to come and visit to play in the yard and chase the bunnies and birds.  One of their other favorite things is playing chase around my dinning room table.

However, the carpet is not really made to withstand that kind of abuse.  It is a decorative pile and loop carpet (my big splurge when we built) and their claws get caught in the loops creating pulls.

There were 4 pulls, but this was the largest.

Using an upholstery needle and thread I was able to weave the loop back into the carpet.

This wasn't something I was planning to post, so the photos are from my phone and not the best quality.  But you get the idea.

I pulled it through just a few loops at a time so it wouldn't get hung up.  In the end you can't even tell where there was an issue and the pattern in the carpet is not disrupted.

I love it when I can fix something on my own.  I know this is a small thing, but having it fixed makes me very happy.