Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Adding Space for the Inhibitors

My 2 inhibitors have been settling in at the condo and transitioning from country life to city life.  They have adjusted to the sound of cars driving by in the parking lot, lawn crews and pool cleaners outside the window, and noises they can't predict or understand coming through the walls.  The one remaining problem for them was space.  Almost 3000 less square feet to roam and no screened porch to nap on or to bird, squirrel, deer, rabbit, and bobcat watch from.  After weeks of leaving the sliding door open to the patio and watching their behavior (no trying to jump over the fence) I have been able to give them some more space.  I ordered a pet door to install in a window that leads to the fenced patio.

Not sure why I didn't do this sooner.

 And with only 5 steps and no tools it was a lot easier than the other projects I've been tackling around here lately.

After opening the window, putting the pet door in and turning a few knobs (that is already 3 steps), I added the foam weather stripping and closed the window.

 I did purchase window locks to install on the rails, but no tools required here either.

Kracken wasn't sure how the whole thing worked, but had it figured out in the first hour.  He was highly motivated to be outside.

Rudy took a little lot longer to get the hang of it so in the beginning I tied the door open so he could get comfortable going in and out.

After a week he figured it out and now they both spend most of their time outside.  It's not the screened porch, but it's a good substitute.

And though we don't have deer and rabbits, we do have squirrels, dove, cardinals, sparrows, and mocking birds in the tree outside for them to watch.