Monday, February 22, 2016

My 2 Year Library Commitment

It's been two years since I decided to get all my books at the library.  Since then I have read 35 books.  Even if you were to assume that I could have bought each one in paperback, that is still a conservative estimated savings of $350.00.  Not bad.

I've talked to people who say they could never do ebooks because they like to hold real books.  I get it.  Or.  I got it.

Now I prefer the ebooks because I can read in the dark in bed or in the cell phone waiting lot at the airport (cell lots are way better than driving in circles).

I can read on my phone while waiting at the doctor's office or in restaurants while waiting on my date (because I'm almost always early).

I can pull up a book on my computer, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle and my last page read will sync across all those devices (because you never know when you may want to read, but you always have your phone).

I can finish a book at 9:00pm and be reading the next in the series at 9:01 because I just can't wait to see what happens next (oh, this has happened).

On March 1, 2015 I put a book on hold and was number 199 on the list of people waiting to read it.  The library had 9 copies.  On February 10th of this year I finally got to download the book.  Honestly, I couldn't remember why it was something I wanted to read let alone what the book was even about. The book was The Goldfinch, but I don't recommend it for everyone.

It's long, 775 pages, filled with teenaged delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, and a massive amount of symbolism and metaphor that add an additional level of interest if you enjoy that kind of thing.  I loved the book.  I finished it at 8:30am this morning and have already checked out my next read.  Something a little less deep and intense.

I do love a good Mitch Rapp adventure.