Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get 'er Done Already!

I have a lot of hobbies.  I love taking pictures of nature, planning and cooking fun meals, hiking in our Texas State Parks, cultivating house plants, growing my own herbs, making family and friend Christmas presents, knitting and crocheting, home improvement projects, and so on and so on.  I love it all.  I also love to quilt.

L10 Nan's Naial
 One quilt in particular has brought me hours of learning and frustration.  My Dear Jane quilt.

K5 Passing Through
I have loved it, but it also on occasion has driven me mad.  There has been so much to learn from these tiny blocks.

I5 Maria's Majesty
But the time has come for me to be done, don't you think?  I completed 4 new blocks and only have 6 more to go. 6!

I4 Stability
So far in 4 years (4 Y E A R S !!!) I have completed 163 blocks and used 3490 pieces of fabric.  Some of those only 3/4" square.  Two new blocks are prepped to go and I hope to have them done this week.  IN the meantime, do you want to see what it looks like with the blocks in place?  Click here.