Sunday, August 16, 2015

Number 57: Franklin Mountains State Park

When passing through El Paso last month Breck and I stopped at 3 state parks.  The first was Wyler Tramway, after which we headed over to Franklin Mountains State Park. 

For this hike I only brought my wide angle lens because . . . well . . . just look.  How else could I have captured it all?

We parked at the Ron Coleman Trailhead, lathered on the sunscreen, and headed up the mountain.

The cave in the distance was just too tempting.  Do you see the cave?

How about I zoom in on the photo and draw a big arrow to help you.

How about zooming in again and draw another arrow to show you two people on the trail almost to the cave.  That should give you a little scale to the vastness of the area.

Now back to that original photo.  You can't even see those people can you?

The air was so dry and the sky so blue, but a few clouds popped up adding to the gorgeous scene.

We stopped several times on the climb to turn and look back down the mountain to El Paso in the distance.  I wondered how many of the 800,000 plus people below had never seen their city from here.

Obviously from the tagging  around the mouth of the cave several had.

While I sat in the shade of the cave, feeling the cool (can you believe it?) breeze, and enjoying the view, Breck headed up a little further on the trail and over the rocks.

Does this sound familiar to you?  This scenario is very similar to our experience in Palo Duro State Park where we also hiked up to a cave and Breck headed over the rocks while I stayed behind in the shade and cool cave breeze.  Though that wasn't nearly as long or as high a hike.

Palo Duro State Park
As always, and you may be tired of my saying it, but each of these parks is so unique.  Looking back at the photos of Palo Duro remind me of that yet again.


We have already decided that on our next road trip through El Paso we will plan to hike the Tom Mays Unit of the park.  We arrived too late in the day to do it on this trip as the gate closes at 5, but we got a sense of the place on a drive through.

Guess what?  More caves.