Friday, August 7, 2015

Number 56: Wyler Aerial Tramway

El Paso is a long way from home.  705 miles away.  Texas is big, y'all.  So when Breck and I were planning a driving trip to California we knew we should take advantage of being in the area to check out the three Texas State Parks in El Paso.  Stop one was the Wyler Aerial Tramway State Park located in the Franklin Mountains in the middle of the city.

I'm not a fan of heights.  It's no secret.  But it was a State Park so . . .

. . .  whew.  Can you see how far up it goes?  940 feet from where we were standing, but we already were way above the town in the Franklin Mountains.  The drive to the tramway was a long and winding road that strained my poor Chevy Malibu's 4 cylinder engine.

Once we were there, there was no turning back.  Breck even gave me an out, but I didn't take it.

Can you believe I did it?  Small cable car zooming straight up the mountain with the incredibly huge city of El Paso below.

Look closely.  Can you see my car in the parking lot down there?  Can you see the parking lot?

I'll zoom in.  Here it is.  Waaaay the heck down there.

Oh, but when I look at the view it's amazing.  You can see 7,000 square miles from up there.

El Paso is so big.  It sprawls in every direction.

From the top you can see all of the city, and into New Mexico, and Mexico.

Beautiful, but in a different way than most Texas parks.

We didn't hike here today.  My flip flops were not trail worthy.  But they do have trails from the top of the peek.

I told you El Paso is really, really big.  Just look behind me.  Those mountains are in New Mexico.

After taking in the views from the top we grabbed a gondola down.

It was fun to do something different at a park.  No hiking or canoeing, just plain old sight seeing from the top of a mountain in the middle of the the 19th largest city population in the United States.