Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hooray For Second Chances

At about 11:00 this morning I watched a beautiful Barred Owl fly into the big tree off my back patio.  I grabbed my camera, switched out my lenses, and marched through the sprinkler system to try and get a picture.  I did, but the humidity going from inside to outside made the lens fog and he was a little hidden in the leaves.

The morning light really lit up the trees.  Unfortunately, in all the commotion I made trying to keep my camera from getting wet, I spooked him and he flew off.

You can imagine how excited I was when at 7:20 this evening I watched him fly back in and perch in the same tree.

This time the light was coming from the west as the sun was setting and made the leaves glow.

What a beauty.

This time he wasn't scared of me.  I sat on the porch with my camera swatting Texas sized mosquitoes just waiting for him to spot his dinner and take flight.  Oh, how I would have loved to get a flight photo, but then this happened.  At first I didn't even notice the bobcat wander into the yard.  I was so focused on the owl.  When I finally spotted him out of the corner of my eye he was already passed me.  I still managed one good shot.

I probably would have gotten more, but then my grandoggies that were in the house spotted him and began barking.  The bobcat moved a little quicker after that and the owl flew away as well.

After going back and comparing this guy to the pictures I took back in May (Wait . . .What?  Bobcat? Yes!), I don't think they are the same cat.  This one had much more defined markings and had longer legs and brighter coloring.  I found some good information on bobcats at National Bobcat Rescue & Research that tells me I'm right.  Apparently their markings do not change and these are obviously different.

It makes me wonder what I would see if I could spend the entire day looking out my windows without break.  But, alas, laundry, dusting, and vacuuming keep calling me away.