Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wild Kingdom

This has been an amazing year for not just spotting wildlife here at the house, but getting the opportunity to photograph it.  Like this Carolina Wren nest by our backdoor.  Snake skin for the nest?  Really? What was mamma thinking?  Look closely and you can see the fuzzy little baby at the front of the nest with his three siblings in the back yet to hatch.

Carolina Wren 6-12-2015
Aside from the usual suspects (rabbits, birds, and squirrels), last month I got pictures of a bobcat in the backyard.

Bobcat 5-7-2015
A few weeks ago after receiving a text from my neighbor across the street that a raccoon just wandered out of her woodpile I caught this guy taking advantage of my bird feeder.

Raccoon 6-3-2015
And the following morning when I looked out to see if that raccoon had dragged the feeder from the tree I saw this scrappy possum picking up seeds that had fallen underneath it.

Possum 6-4-2015
Now these guys were cool, to say the least, but the most impressive thing I have been photographing are a pair of deer that seem to call our end of the street home.

The reason they are so captivating is the changes they have made.

You can see here that one is very thin and appears to have narrowly dodged a bullet along her ribs. At the time I took this picture I didn't notice she was injured and thought she must be sick.

And the male had little antler buds coming up.

However, that bullet scar helped me identify her later and I spotted severe injuries to her back leg.  So happy to see her gaining weight.

What a fighter she is.  To overcome that kind of injury out here is amazing to me.  When I go back and look closely at earlier pictures I can spot the damage now.   So swollen with exposed bone and tendons.

And her buddy that never leaves her side?  Well.  He makes me smile.

It's going to be a real treat to watch these two.