Monday, June 1, 2015

Love Me Some Barn Quilts

I have so many posts in my head!  Hopefully now that I am on an eternal vacation from work (that's a blog post) I can get caught up on letting you know what's been going on.  However, today I am bushed from making the drive back home here to Texas from Massachusetts (good for at least three posts).  So today I want to show you something I stumbled upon on my drive.

I have known about the Quilt Barn Trails around the Midwest and East coast, but I have never seen one of the barns until this trip.

Stars and Cubes
I was thrilled!  Even though I didn't stop on the drive up to get photos, I made sure not to miss the opportunity twice and pulled off the road on my return.  With luck I happened to spot a second barn visible from HWY 81.

Once I got home and looked at a map of all the barns I was amazed and a little disappointed that there were so many so close to where I was.

Bow-Tie Set in a 9 Patch Sampler
There are 22 in Sullivan County, Tennessee where I saw these!  Oh, to be so close to something so interesting to me and to not have known.

There are several great website that map Barn Quilts all over the country.  They can be found in 34 states, many of which I just drove through like West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  Seems like I may need to map a few out on my next road trip.