Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wait . . . What? Bobcat? Yes!

I love the view from my screened porch.  I can watch the birds at the feeder, the baby squirrels and their antics in the trees, and the plethora of bunnies taking care of my country weeds without having to deal with mosquitoes.  Tonight I was checking out an especially large bunny with my binoculars when I noticed something odd in the yard that seemed new.  At first I thought it might be an old tree stump newly exposed by all the rain we have had here lately.  Upon closer inspection I found it to be far more interesting.

It was a juvenile bobcat and he had his sights on my big bunny.  Once I realized what it was and what was happening, I grabbed the closest camera I had and started taking pictures.

Unfortunately I had two things going against my ability to get any really good pictures.  One: I was shooting through a screen.  Not great for getting good focus.

Two: my telephoto lens was on my other camera which was in my car.  I just couldn't risk going out to get it and missing any chance at a shot if he got spooked and ran off.

I did get to watch the drama play out.  The bobcat made his move and lunged at the bunny and a short chase ensued, but the spry guy was too fast and made it safety across the yard and into the bushes.

Not too worried about "Bob" losing out on a meal.  He looked well fed compared to the others we have seen in the yard.  Just a juvenile, about 20-25 pounds I'd guess.

I stepped out on the porch to see if I could get some better photos, but he spotted me and meandered on down the hill apparently not a fan of paparazzi.

He did give me one last glance before disappearing into the creek.

I sure hope he comes back at a time when my best camera and lens are ready.  With the number of bunnies and squirrels right now, I think there is a good chance.

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