Monday, April 6, 2015

One Project and One Park

After working on projects around the house Easter weekend, Breck and I took a break and went for a walk in a local park near our house (Lick Creek Park).

We were not disappointed.  Not only did we see pine warblers, blue-gray gnatcatchers, and chipping sparrows, but we were treated to a daytime view of a nocturnal beauty.  This is a Barred Owl.  We hear them calling most nights at the house, but this is the first time I have been able to get a picture.  Lovely creature.

Not as focused, but I also got a shot of a Downy Woodpecker.  He was way up there.

Now all this nature was preceded by chores, don't forget.  This one seems pretty obvious.

Fell clean off a couple weeks ago, but needed to do some research before making the fix.

I ended up going with a marine grade epoxy to bond the two fiberglass pieces.

Since it needed to set for a few hours, I popped the hinge pins out and remove the door with a little help from the honey.

Even though it was a chilly day, after spotting a few red wasps flying around I thought it best to tape up a sheet to keep them on the outside.

The prep took longer than job itself.  The epoxy mixed up quickly and spreading it on hardly anytime at all.

After a few hours I stood the door back up with some National Geographic Magazines to raise it up enough for me to align the hinges.  It was killing Kracken to see and smell all the goings ons in the front yard, but not being able to squeeze through the crack.

Once the pins were back in place everything looked as good as new.

Except for this problem.  It's on my list to fix as well with a little backer rod and caulk; already purchased and waiting to be used.

Gapping holes between my stone and siding are bad for so many reasons.  Like this one.

And do you remember this rat snake climbing the wall by my front door last November (They Can Do That?)?

Not to mention wasps, bees, spiders, scorpions . . .  You get the idea.  Probably should tackle this job sooner than later.