Sunday, March 15, 2015

Playing Detective Isn't Hard

Day two of spring break had me embarrassed to show you the state of my garden.  Or at least, how it looked this morning.  It has been neglected since last summer and the weeds have had made themselves at home.

However, after a day of pulling weeds and planting, I have made some progress.

I decided to start with herbs this year.  I love to cook and fresh herbs make a big difference.

Threw in a few flowers, too.

Since Breck really liked the jalapenos I canned year before last, I planted three bushes this year.

But while taking a break from the garden, I returned to find one of the jalapenos eaten to the ground.

And two of the parsley plants as well.

At first I thought a rabbit may have dug under the fence, but then I saw this.  Doesn't take a true detective to know the deer must like jalapeno and parsley.

When I pulled the weeds, I left four bluebonnet plants that had popped up.  Seemed wrong to yank them out.

But it isn't just my garden sporting spring bluebonnets.  My front yard is covered in mounds of them.

If the size of the leaves is an indication of the health of the plants and the size of the flowers we will get, we are going to have a bumper crop year.

Last year a late frost hindered the flowers.  Hopefully that won't be an issue this year.  Cross your fingers.