Monday, February 16, 2015

A Moss Garden in the Making

Walking our property over the weekend I found so many wonderful things growing.  Some of them I collected and put together in a dish to begin a moss garden.  It's a pleasant distraction now on the porch table, but look closer, really closer, and you will see it's like a whole new world.

Breaking the garden down into small glimpses with my macro lens reveal tall forests of grass with seeds waiting on the tips which are really just clumps of moss I scavenged from the muddy ground under a stand of oak trees.

A few pieces of petrified wood found on our fence line adds a bit of texture and reminds me of the large rocks at Pedernales Falls State Park, though this one is only inches in length.

But the real gems are the lichen which invaded the branch of an oak tree in the front yard.  They look like small trees themselves through my lens.  A Charlie Brown Christmas tree or desert evergreen.

Everything has either a spore or seed to spread making the tiny landscape even more interesting.

Don't forget these are tiny!  The lichen pictured below, for example, is a mere 1/2 inch in diameter; far smaller that the picture itself.

Some scenes look as though they should be hidden in the sea with parrot fish and clown fish darting in and out of the terrain.

All are so interesting.

I am fascinated by the scenes my camera could see that I could not.  Who knew lichen was hairy?

Oh the things that escape the naked eye.

And this?  This is a piece of bark peeled from a tree limb that came down in a storm.

But growing into the bark are Tillandsia, or air plants.  Their tiny roots keep them attached to the bark.

Now they are tucked into my new tiny garden of moss and will hopefully thrive.

It will be fun to watch what happens to this little garden.  Hopefully it will continue to grow, but when the Texas summer heats up I fear it may not survive.  Only time will tell.

But in the meantime, I will enjoy my unexpected garden and all the tiny treasures within.