Sunday, January 11, 2015

Carcassonne: A New Favorite

Company for Christmas.  Check.
Traveled to Georgia to meet our new niece.  Check.
Celebrated 2015 by going to bed BEFORE midnight.  Check.
Back to work and routine.  Check.

No that's out of the way.  Let me tell you about a new addition to our game collection.  It is called Carcassonne and after only one match it has moved up to my favorite go-to game.

It can be difficult to find games that can be just as enjoyable with 2 players as 4, but this one is.

It doesn't take up a lot of space and it is different each and every time you play.

You draw tiles one at a time and earn points for claiming roads, abbeys, and building cities.

So easy to learn, but with a multitude of expansions it stays fresh.

Games only take about 30 minutes, so it's great for when you have just a little time to kill.

Like when you are waiting to the Cowboys and Packers to face off on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Breck won,  Now let's eat and see how the Cowboys do.

Go Cowboys!