Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little Life To A Cold Room

For some time now I have wanted to add plants to my home.  Plants add so much warmth to room and makes it feel cozy and full of life.

February 2, 2014
I had a little cash stashed away and decided I didn't want to wait any longer, a year was enough, and set off to town to buy some greens.   I started with a ceramic triple pot and a few snake plants.

My button collection came in handy to plug up the large holes in the bottoms.

Then a little good potting soil  . . .

. . . and some plants in desperate need of some growing room.

Now they have a nice new spot to grow in my newly rearranged (I got in the mood for something new) bedroom.  More on that change another day.

I also picked up some small plants for the living room.  This bird house was perfect for keeping my cats from nibbling on their leaves.

And I love the way it looks.

Back row: Watch Chain, False Aralia
Front row: Echeveria, Rainbow Elephant Bush
I knew back in February that I wanted something tall in the corner, and this Umbrella Tree was not to be passed up.  I got it on sale at Home Depot and could not be happier.

Two others round out my plant additions.  A small Fiddle Leaf Fig that I have high hopes for in my hallway if it gets enough sun to stay happy.

And this Corn Plant for my fireplace.  I do move it to the floor when I have a fire.

I read somewhere that you should have 10-15 plants in your home to reap the health benefits of live plants.  I now have 11.  The ficus on the right doesn't count; it's usually outside on the patio and only inside because of the cold.

I would still like to add a few more, but it's a great start.