Saturday, December 20, 2014

One Of Our Finer Traditions

I have spent a good chunk of time lately talking to friends about how special my job is.  Not just working with young children with autism (that is a blessing beyond words that I will talk about another day), but the team of people I share my day with.  We have so many wonderful traditions, more than I can name here, that keep us bonded and enthusiastic.  One tradition started by my amazing coworker and friend Krystina is the lunch we serve our custodians at Christmas every year.

We clear out the Teacher's Lounge, lay out a table cloth and place settings, and serve up a home cooked hot meal.  This year is was King Ranch Chicken, hot bread, coleslaw, and chips and dip followed by yummy cookies, and chased with sweet tea.

Everyone in our Special Education hallway contributes goodies for the gift bags we stuff for them to take home filled with sweet treats, candles, lotions, gloves, socks, bows and wrapping paper, gift cards to grocery stores and restaurants, bags of chips and jars of dips.  What we can do as a school family makes me happy.

Our custodians work so hard at the end of our day to clean and prep our rooms for us and our students when we have gone home to our families and no one is there to see.  This is just our way of saying thank you.  Besides, everyone involved with an elementary school Christmas party knows they deserve a little something extra after that clean-up.