Sunday, December 21, 2014

Number 53: Fairfield Lake State Park

If I was getting a little tired of all the state park posts I know you must have as well.  In fact, I was really not sure I wanted to go see another after such a short break from our previous trips, but Fairfield Lake State Park offered a couple opportunities we had never experienced before.

Yes it had a body of water like most parks we have visited.

Yes it had trails through the woods for hiking.

Places to rest and enjoy the view, though this one had been reclaimed by nature.

It had wildlife.

It also had one of the most stunning sunset views we have experienced.  Wait for it.

The clouds and our timing were perfect.

But what was so different, you may ask?  We decided to cook out our dinner in the park.

It was a last minute idea, so the food was not very inspired.  We had potato chips for an appetizer while the coals heated up.

And you know coals take awhile so we took a little playtime as well.

The plan was for hot chocolate to drink and our coffee pot was perfect for boiling the water.

When the coals were ready, we plopped down two t-bone steaks, some sliced bread , and some broccoli and carrots in foil.

Everything is better over a fire, but we should have brought a lantern to eat by.  The cell phone flashlight didn't really cut it.

There was a reason we wanted to be in the part after dark.  They were hosting a lighting display where everyone in campers and tents decorated for Christmas.  The turn out was impressive.

You could take a free hayride through the park, but we walked.

They also had free Wassil and Hot Chocolate with cookies.

It was a chilly night, and they had a nice fire going to keep people warm who were waiting in line for the hayride.

The tents and trailers were very cool.

I talked to a couple people who camp every year at different parks around Texas and love putting up their Christmas lights.

I think we will find another one to see next year.

Luckily the Texas Parks and Wildlife facebook page will help me remember.

So, see, not just another park post.

But for sure it's the last one of the year.  Only 40 more to go.