Thursday, December 4, 2014

Number 49: Caddo Lake State Park

I can't believe we have been to 49 parks!  It's actually 52, but I'll write more about those 3 in another post.  Meanwhile . . . 49!  Caddo Lake State Park has been a place that Breck has wanted to take me for years.  He and my youngest son made a trip there 10 or 12 years ago and had a memorable time.

It may be a lovely park in the spring and summer, but I can vouch for the fact that it is a stunner in the fall.  Mostly golds and some orange unlike the others that had a lot of reds too.

You many only know Caddo Lake for its Bald Cypress trees, but the woodland trails are a wonderful treat.

If you have seen my last few park posts you may be tiring of all the fall tree photos, but I can't get enough.  Soon all these leaves will be gone and the branches bare.  Ah, then winter.  Brrrrrr.

So here is one more then we can move on.

As I said before, Caddo Lake State Park is known for its Bald Cypress trees.

It is also the ONLY natural lake in the state of Texas.

Crazy fact since Texas is so darn big.

Breck rented us a canoe so we could really get a good look at the Saw Mill Pond and Big Cypress Bayou.

I was a bit dubious of his plan at first for several reasons.  One - it was cold!  Not just cold, but windy as well.

Two - it meant sharing a boat.  Not a big deal on the surface, but I am used to my kayak and being in control of speed and direction.  The sharing thing was going to be a challenge.

And thirdly - see number 2.  If you know me at all you know how big an issue this was.  I am not a good passenger.

It worked out okay and I cannot imagine not taking to the water.  We were able to move in and out of the trees and saw the park from a view unavailable from the shore.  But can you see a little lingering discomfort on my face, sitting in the useless position at the front of the canoe leaving all decision making to the person in the seat of power at the back?

As I said, though, I'm glad Breck got the canoe since it allowed us to go back into the trees and see a sight that has been on my list of things I have wanted to photograph.  Check out the before and after pictures and see if you can spot it.

Do you see him?  Folks, that is a beaver.  We surprised him while he was working on his dam and he dove into his hole, but could not resist poking his head out to see us when he felt safe.  "Hey, Marge!  Come check out the humans."  I had never seen a beaver in the wild before.  Quite a treat.

Another beautiful park.  Check.