Friday, December 5, 2014

A New Look Complete

I'm taking a break in the State Park travel updates to tell you about our latest home improvement project.  It actually started months back when we restained the cedar posts on the front and back of the house a deep brown.

3/22/2014 A Snowball
We then had the cement porches, front, back, and screened, resurfaced and stained.

5/2/2014 One Step Closer
Then we repainted the red on the front of the house.  I may have forgotten to tell you about this.  Oops.

Well now we have finally finished things off by having the front door painted a beautiful black.

I personally love it.  You might argue it should have been more grey than black, but I'm good with it.

Now I just need to get some holiday lights up on the porch to get me through Christmas and then I can focus on a few decorative touches on the porch.

March 2014 before and December 2014 after.
Maybe a couple big pots would do the trick.