Wednesday, November 5, 2014

They Can Do That?

I stepped out onto the front porch this morning to retrieve a pair shoes I had left there covered in burrs from the weekend to wear to work today.  I even had the thought that I should bang them out in case a scorpion or two had taken refuge in them from the cold and rain.  Silly me.  A scorpion was the least of my concern, I realized, as I looked to my left and saw this.

That's a rat snake, folks, on the stone wall by my door jamb.  Now you know I take my camera almost everywhere, but I didn't have it when I got my shoes.  I grabbed my iPad and went back out to take some photos, but they didn't come out clear, so I grabbed my camera and went back out a third time to get these shots.  Each time I went out he was closer to my door and and further down the wall.

Scorpions.  Ha. Funny that my neighbor texted me just last week about snakes climbing her brick.