Sunday, November 30, 2014

Number 47: Tyler State Park

We did something a little different for Thanksgiving this year and traveled just the two of us.  It was our 29th wedding anniversary on the 29th and seemed too special, only happening once, not to celebrate.  Breck and I hit the road with 6 state parks, a train ride, and reservations at a cute B&B in Jefferson, Texas on our list for the long weekend.  The first stop was Tyler State Park.

The road into the park was stunning in its own right with amazing fall color.

I miss the North Eastern autumn leaves, so this park was a real treat.

There are a lot of Shortleaf and Loblolly Pines in the park, but Blackjack Oak, Sweetgum, Post Oak, and Dogwood,  punch in the color.

Of the 16 miles of trails and we chose the one that loops around the lake called Lake Shore Trail.

Not too long a hike at 2.1 miles, but it gave us a great flavor of what Tyler has to offer.

Can you believe the color?

Most of my years in Texas have been spent in the Houston area where fall means brown.

With a few exceptions like the Bradford Pear, the leaves just dry up and fall off.

Bench with a perfect view of the lake on the Lake Shore Trail
If I had known that North Eastern Texas had the reds, oranges, golds, and rusts I would have made this trip years ago.

We may need to make this a new fall tradition.

I could get behind that completely.

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