Saturday, November 29, 2014

It Takes a Village, a Dicken's Village.

Of all the decorations that I bring out at Christmas my Dicken's Village is among my favorite.

Sometimes it goes on the mantle, sometimes on the sofa table in the hall.

This year I put it in the kitchen.  Maybe a bit odd, but I really like it there.

I am sure to see it and appreciate it every morning when I make my coffee.

And when I have guests and family visit over the holiday we are sure to gather in the kitchen and then it can be seen by everyone.

I am even considering adding a new piece to my collection this year, maybe the horse drawn carriage.

All of my pieces were given to me by my grandmother.

She started my collection 26 or 27 years ago, but must not have had much faith in my loving it.

Each year I opened a new building and found notes like these taped to the boxes.

I never returned a single one.  And back to my kitchen . . . doesn't the village look great?

Love it.