Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ahead of the Game

So you would think on a day like today

with a clear blue sky and the leaves changing from the deep greens of summer to the rich jewel tones of fall

that I would just sit back, watch the squirrels run back and forth collecting acorns, and take in a little football on tv.

Nope.  I am enjoying the view and the football, but I am also (gasp) decorating for Christmas.

I KNOW!  It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

I'm truly not skipping a holiday, but I am under a bit of a crunch.

Next weekend I have a wedding to attend, the following weekend is a Texans' home game in Houston, and the following weekend is a big trip around the north eastern part of Texas for Thanksgiving.

Why does this matter since Christmas is still a month away at this point?  Because our annual Cookie Exchange Party is December 15th and the house needs to be decked out from room to room, cookies need to be baked, presents need to be bought, wrapped, and shipped . . . you get the picture.

So please forgive me for getting ahead of the game by taking care of a little cheer on the screened porch.