Monday, October 27, 2014

The Little Things

I took advantage of a trip I needed to make to Houston to knock out a project at the condo.  We have made a lot of progress and some things are looking great, but there are still so many things to do.

Before Living Room
After Living Room
This weekend I checked "new door knobs" off the to do list.   Not exciting?  You are wrong.

The old knobs were covered in paint and didn't work correctly.  None of them would catch when you closed them and the brassy finish did nothing for me or the direction we are taking the condo.

My dad came down from the other side of town and helped me get them all removed.  The new ones have a nickle finish that looks so much better with the ceiling fans and faucets we installed.  The price was very reasonable too.  $7 for the hallway and closet knobs and $8 for the locking bedroom and bathroom ones.

 I was so excited with how fast the project was going that I forgot to get any "during" photos of our work, but I can show you the after.

And they work!  We did all six doors in under an hour and for about $50.  But enough about the knobs.  We accomplished one other task.

 Can you see it?

We re-installed the screen door on the patio that the previous owner had shoved into a closet.  With fall upon us and cooler temperatures right around the corner, I think having the screen is going to be awesome.

So there you have it.  Time well spent with my dad getting a little done.  Baby steps.