Sunday, October 19, 2014

Early Morning Surprise

To avoid all the dastardly weekend killers like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning, I grabbed my iPad and took off on a walk to read my latest download from the library.  As I came to the top of hill, a place where I would choose to go right on the road or straight onto a dirt path, I looked up to assess my choices.  With my head down going from page to page I found I had mistakenly neglected my surroundings.  A soft fog bank was gently hovering over the ground.  Decision made.  Straight it would be.  Lacking my big girl camera I was forced to settle (and it was settling) for the lens on my iPad.  I know I should be happy that I had it, but as I post these photos I realize how much more this impromptu walk could have yielded. 

I walked quickly snapping shots at every turn as the light changed with the rising sun.  My iPad struggled to capture enough light to provide enough detail to make the photos . . . okay.

The fog rose and thinned more with each step so I quickened my pace wanting to see the changes in every tree I passed.

The more the sun rose and the fog dissipated the more the picture quality increased.

I would have been content to have my walk last for hours in the foggy light.

But that is not the way things work.  

On the last stretch of dirt, 15 minutes from when my eyes first rose to the sight,  I found the fog all but gone.

Back on the road looking where I had come from, I could see the bank had completely lifted leaving a thin ribbon in the now bright blue sky.

I didn't get much reading done, but the words will still be on the page when I get back to my book.