Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back to Jane

I have spent a week getting reconnected to the things that I enjoy, that fill my days and make me happy.  I have spent time with friends laughing over wine.  I have cooked meals for neighbors and coworkers.  I've walked, read, and today began sewing again.

There have been some changes around here and I no longer have my sewing furniture in the crafts room, so I pulled my Janome out to the kitchen table.

Perfect spot, really.  I can watch the bird feeder and enjoy the view out the window.  The leaves have begun to turn.

As distracting as my backyard is, I have accomplished a lot already this weekend.

I finished the H2 Jacob Anthony block and I am making good progress on H6 called Pie Sale.

The question is, should I finish the handwork applique today, or leave it to bring to work on Tuesday?  Why is this even a consideration?  On Textile Tuesdays several ladies at work stay after and bring little projects to work on while we chat and enjoy each other's company.  Some crochet or knit, and others cross stitch or embroider.  It's a fun time and it keeps us all connected.  I love my Special Education team.  And I am loving my Dear Jane again!

H2 Jacob Anthony