Monday, October 27, 2014

The Little Things

I took advantage of a trip I needed to make to Houston to knock out a project at the condo.  We have made a lot of progress and some things are looking great, but there are still so many things to do.

Before Living Room
After Living Room
This weekend I checked "new door knobs" off the to do list.   Not exciting?  You are wrong.

The old knobs were covered in paint and didn't work correctly.  None of them would catch when you closed them and the brassy finish did nothing for me or the direction we are taking the condo.

My dad came down from the other side of town and helped me get them all removed.  The new ones have a nickle finish that looks so much better with the ceiling fans and faucets we installed.  The price was very reasonable too.  $7 for the hallway and closet knobs and $8 for the locking bedroom and bathroom ones.

 I was so excited with how fast the project was going that I forgot to get any "during" photos of our work, but I can show you the after.

And they work!  We did all six doors in under an hour and for about $50.  But enough about the knobs.  We accomplished one other task.

 Can you see it?

We re-installed the screen door on the patio that the previous owner had shoved into a closet.  With fall upon us and cooler temperatures right around the corner, I think having the screen is going to be awesome.

So there you have it.  Time well spent with my dad getting a little done.  Baby steps.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back to Jane

I have spent a week getting reconnected to the things that I enjoy, that fill my days and make me happy.  I have spent time with friends laughing over wine.  I have cooked meals for neighbors and coworkers.  I've walked, read, and today began sewing again.

There have been some changes around here and I no longer have my sewing furniture in the crafts room, so I pulled my Janome out to the kitchen table.

Perfect spot, really.  I can watch the bird feeder and enjoy the view out the window.  The leaves have begun to turn.

As distracting as my backyard is, I have accomplished a lot already this weekend.

I finished the H2 Jacob Anthony block and I am making good progress on H6 called Pie Sale.

The question is, should I finish the handwork applique today, or leave it to bring to work on Tuesday?  Why is this even a consideration?  On Textile Tuesdays several ladies at work stay after and bring little projects to work on while we chat and enjoy each other's company.  Some crochet or knit, and others cross stitch or embroider.  It's a fun time and it keeps us all connected.  I love my Special Education team.  And I am loving my Dear Jane again!

H2 Jacob Anthony

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Early Morning Surprise

To avoid all the dastardly weekend killers like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning, I grabbed my iPad and took off on a walk to read my latest download from the library.  As I came to the top of hill, a place where I would choose to go right on the road or straight onto a dirt path, I looked up to assess my choices.  With my head down going from page to page I found I had mistakenly neglected my surroundings.  A soft fog bank was gently hovering over the ground.  Decision made.  Straight it would be.  Lacking my big girl camera I was forced to settle (and it was settling) for the lens on my iPad.  I know I should be happy that I had it, but as I post these photos I realize how much more this impromptu walk could have yielded. 

I walked quickly snapping shots at every turn as the light changed with the rising sun.  My iPad struggled to capture enough light to provide enough detail to make the photos . . . okay.

The fog rose and thinned more with each step so I quickened my pace wanting to see the changes in every tree I passed.

The more the sun rose and the fog dissipated the more the picture quality increased.

I would have been content to have my walk last for hours in the foggy light.

But that is not the way things work.  

On the last stretch of dirt, 15 minutes from when my eyes first rose to the sight,  I found the fog all but gone.

Back on the road looking where I had come from, I could see the bank had completely lifted leaving a thin ribbon in the now bright blue sky.

I didn't get much reading done, but the words will still be on the page when I get back to my book.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Number 46: Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site

Last weekend the folks were in town for the weekend and we took advantage of their visit to check out the State Historic Park closest to our home, yet one we had never visited.  Fanthorp Inn in Anderson is just  15 minutes down the road and worth the drive for a history buff like my husband.

The inn started out as a small home and mercantile in the 1800's and later turned into a stage coach stop for travelers.  That's all the historic background I can give you.  I'm afraid I was focused on my photographs and not on the tour guide, though Breck could give you the low-down on all the details.

We were lucky and a cool front was blowing in during our visit making the tour of the inn very comfortable.

And you know if there is a creepy crawler around I HAVE to take its picture.  And there was.  A perfectly camouflaged praying mantis on the wood pile had me wishing I had brought my macro lens.

Looking through the simple rooms gave me incentive me to do a little more purging around my own house. Back in the day people got by with far less than we seem to think we require today.

Though there is something to be said for simplicity, I will admit to being attached to indoor plumbing.

No Candy Crush or Farmville in the parlor, just old school checkers and dominoes.

Total fan of the old wavy glass.  So glad it is still intact.

Out in the barn is a stage coach used to give rides, but the muddy conditions prevented such an excursion.

It's a beautiful restoration.

Admission was free and so was the tour, though they accept donations.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


This is one of those posts where I will let nature speak for itself.  Well.  Mostly.

With all the rain of late, we have had a surge of mushrooms in the yard.

From the fire pit, sipping my morning coffee and enjoying the company of my parents and husband, I spotted 3 different kinds of mushrooms growing on the hill.

After grabbing my camera and inspecting them further, I found there to be more than 3.

Looking at them close up reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

So much fun to photograph.  Did you notice all the little critters in the pictures?  My favorite is the red-eyed fly