Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Step Closer

I have had quite the wish list for redoing and upgrading several things around the outside of our home.  There are several I can now check off as finished.

Re-stain cedar posts.  Check!

Cement overlay on the porches.   Front.  Check!

Back.  Check!

Screened porch.  Check!

Repaint the red accent on the front. Remember the Chip It post to pick a color?  I went with Cardboard.


Only two biggies left:  repainting the front door a nice Tricorn Black from the Chip It swatch and bead board ceilings on the three porches.  Well, maybe three.  Wouldn't shutters on the front window surrounded by the stone (it's my dining room)  look nice?  Stained to match the posts or painted in the Tricorn Black like the door?  Hmmmm.  Always a work in progress.