Saturday, April 19, 2014

Unexpected Collection

We have been busy making some outdoor improvements to our home lately.  You know we re-stained the cedar posts, but we have also now stained the screen porch.  To prepare, we moved all the furniture and rug from the porch to the back yard.

It is driving my Inhibitors crazy, I might add.  The porch has always been a place for them to safely roam and see, smell, and hear everything going on in our yard.  This is especially true this time of year.

I noticed this week that some of the birds, like this little tufted titmouse, have been very happy with the temporary arrangement, collecting the cat hair from the rug and cushions to line their spring nests.

Cat hair lined nests.  Who would have thought.  But more on the porch and patios soon.  I also chose the new house color, borrowed a ladder, and am ready to tackle that change next.  Busy, busy, busy spring.