Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Number 39: Falcon State Park

I am always amazed at how different the state parks are from each other.  Even though the 5 parks we visited Easter weekend were very close together, they had their own unique characteristics.  And Falcon State Park had something that a lot people wanted (as evident by the long line of cars waiting to get in);  a lake.

But the water is not what we were interested in this day.  The three mile hike was calling our name.

Texas Sage
The flora and fauna were so interesting along the trail.  I have no idea what this was, but it sure was beautiful.

The hike was an easy one; mostly flat and sandy.

The Border Paloverde trees were stunning.  The official color of Texas should be yellow.  Yes,  we have blue bonnets, but most of our other blooms are yellow.

Shells?  This I can't really explain.  Though Texas was covered in ocean 100 million years ago, this shell was not that old.

Maybe my favorite photo of the day was of some wild thistle.  Check out this little beetle and tell me he doesn't look like he is dancing to you.

The thistle was calling to the butterflies as well.

The cactus was in full bloom.  Could this be the Yellow Rose of Texas?

And this picture is of a javelina.  Well.  It should have been a picture of a javelina, but my camera refused to take a picture no matter how many times I mashed down on the button..  I can't explain it, but it happened more than once.  Too bad.  I would love to have shown you a picture of the small pig as it ran just feet in front of us crashing through the Wild Olive trees.

I had the same problem again trying to get a picture of this rabbit.  Luckily, he froze in place hoping I wouldn't see him, giving me the chance to turn my camera off then on again to get the shot.

No birds.  They were around, but we really were just in it for the hike.  Besides, there were many other opportunities to see birds on our trip.