Monday, April 28, 2014

My Spring Garden

My posts are going to be a bit all over the place for awhile.  I still need to catch you up on 2 park trips and some home improvements, but today it's the garden.  Looking at it as a whole it may not seem that there is a whole lot going on.

But look closer and you will see our 14 pea plants have sprouted along the fence line.

The Grape and Sweet 100's have blossoms and their first tomatoes.  The Roma tomatoes took a hit in the late long freeze we had and are lagging behind.

The onions have had a real burst of top growth.  Soon their tops will fall over and I will know they are ready for harvest.

Things that grow under the soil are hard for me.  I like to see what is happening and the control freak in me just can't settle in to wait and see.  But this guy is giving me a glimpse to let me know I have at least 1 viable onion.

And, folks, that is the celery I planted 10 months ago from the left over end of store bought (Celery From Celery).  Crazy.

Zucchini, Crook Neck Squash, and Cauliflower are doing well.

The cucumber I planted on the far end of the fence are . . . okay.  They also took a hit in our freeze.  I am hoping with the warmer weather and sunshine they will come back strong.  Each has blossoms, but I am considering pinching them back until the stems and leaves show improvement.

Then there are lettuce and Brussel Sprout plants.  You may notice, if you look closely, that the Brussel Sprout leaves are riddled with holes.

With closer inspection it is easy to see what is going on here.

That, friends, is a Cabbage Looper making a meal of my sweeties.

And this sack on one of the leaves is the Looper in its larva stage changing into a moth.  Look really close and you can see the moth inside head down.

Not what I wanted to find, but as far as pests go it could be a lot worse.

So there is my garden update.  Hopefully we can continue to get some good rain here and there to keep everything happy and growing.  Of course I'll let you know how things are going.